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Helping Seniors Stay Safe & Mobile

Senior DriversWith the aging of the baby boomer generation, people over 65 are the fastest-growing population in the U.S. It is estimated that by 2020, nearly one in six people will be age 65 or older and most of them will still be licensed to drive.

Seniors are among the safest of drivers who wear their safety belts and obey traffic laws. However, seniors are more likely to be killed in a car crash due to age-related fragility and health issues. For this reason, AAA and our Traffic Safety Foundation are dedicated to helping experienced drivers improve their performance behind the wheel. And when it is not safely possible to drive any longer, we're also committed to promoting viable transportation options.
This "one-stop shop" website provides expert advice about how aging affects a person’s ability to drive safely. Seniors and their families will find a variety of interactive tools and resources from educational brochures and defensive driving courses, to skills assessment tools and information on maintaining mobility and independence. Visit today! On the site you will find information about the following programs:

AAA Senior Defensive Driving Course (Classroom)

The AAA Senior Defensive Driver Program was created specifically for drivers 55 and older. This program delivers tips and techniques to help experienced drivers compensate for changing vision, reflexes and response time; understand how prescription medications may affect driving; and drive defensively in a variety of situations. Insurance providers may also discount premiums for drivers who successfully complete this course. Contact your local AAA club for course schedule or 1-866-659-1317 more information.

Mature Operator Driving Course (Online)

Available in Florida and Tennessee, this web-based course is designed to positively affect driving behavior and to help seniors learn about age-related physical changes that may impact their ability to drive safely, followed by tips on how to adjust to those changes. This course offers the convenience of taking the course at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Automobile insurance discounts may apply upon course completion. Visit our Online Driving School for more information.

AAA Roadwise Review

This state-of-the-art, computer-based driver screening tool was developed by AAA and noted transportation safety researchers. It allows drivers to confidentially measure changes in their functional abilities scientifically linked to crash risks. On completion, the program identifies potential problem areas and suggests ways to correct them. Free online access is available at

Roadwise Rx

With eight out of 10 seniors taking medications, this online tool generates personalized feedback on how medications, herbal supplements and foods, and their interactions with each other, can impact safety behind the wheel. Drivers are encouraged to discuss the confidential results with their doctor or pharmacist to learn how to mitigate possible crash risks. Roadwise Rx is available, at no cost, to all seniors and their families at


The CarFit program is designed to improve the "fit" between mature drivers and their vehicles followed by actions they can take to enhance comfort and safety behind the wheel. CarFit is a free program that also offers specific, practical community resources to help older drivers maintain and strengthen their wellness to extend their safe, independent driving years. Adjustments discussed during CarFit that could increase comfort and control while driving include:

  • A clear line of sight over the steering wheel.
  • Plenty of room between your chest and the front airbag and steering wheel.
  • A seat you fit in comfortably and safely.
  • Properly adjusted headrests.
  • Easy access to gas and brake pedals.
  • A safety belt that holds you in the proper position and remains comfortable as you drive.

To find a CarFit event near you, please visit

Smart Features for Older Drivers

This resource guide identifies vehicle features that can assist drivers with visual, physical and mental changes that are frequently encountered as they age. You will learn about features that best address each condition and be provided examples of vehicles exemplifying those features. For more information, please visit

Helpful brochures:

   Driver Planning Agreement
   Smart Features for Older Drivers Brochure
   Smart Features for Older Drivers: Vehicle List


AAA has partnered with Posit Science to bring you DriveSharp—an online brain training program that is clinically proven to help drivers see more, react faster, and cut crash risk by up to 50%. With DriveSharp, every driver can lower their crash risk—at any age and:

  • Increase useful field of view by 200% (the visual area over which information can be extracted at a brief glance without eye or head movements).
  • Reduce stopping distance by 22 feet @ 55 mph.
  • Feel more confident and alert while driving – react faster, be quicker, and stay safer behind the wheel.

For more information, click here.

Keeping The Keys

This free seminar addresses the effects of visual impairment, reduced strength and other physical limitations, the effects of medications, and the use adaptive equipment. It is designed for seniors and their families who question what learn early warning signs to look for and how to have open discussions about driving safety. For availability in your area, please call (813) 289-5831.

For more information about senior driver safety, visit

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